Eddie & Ashley are Married!

I am so excited to share Ashley and Eddie’s wedding with you!

This wedding turned out to be quite an event.. and is a perfect example of the phrase ” you get what you pay for”… like MANY couples, they did not have a huge budget for their wedding. But rather than cut corners, they chose some of the best vendors in the area for the important parts of their wedding… and it TOTALLY paid off.

The day before their wedding, as they were setting up in their reception venue, the sprinklers that were part of the fire alarm system burst, and completely flooded the room.  But the fabulous Amanda from Amanda’s Florist stepped in and made a few phone calls.. and was able to help them get a new venue. Valerie and the team at Rockledge Country Club stepped up and in less than 24 hours put together an amazing reception.  Their DJ, the one and only DJ Shane, was also able to quickly adapt to the last minute change.  As vendors we had all worked together before, so what could have been a very stressful event turned out to be seamless and Ashley and Eddie were totally taken care of.

Ceremony Venue: Christ Central Church

Reception: Rocklege Country Club

Cake: Merri Cakes

Photo Props: Z Create Design

Bridal Gown: Elda’s Bridal Boutique

Cake Topper: Perlilla Pets

Can you believe this was all pulled together in less than 24 hours? The second picture was Ashley’s reaction when she saw the room for the first time. :)

Ashley was a beautiful bride! And not every bride is willing to sit down on the ground in a gown.. makes my heart happy :)

What a fun and special day! Special thanks to my amazing husband for shooting with me!  Eddie and Ashley, thank you for allowing us to share your day.

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  1. Perlilla says:

    your photos are amazing, you’re so talented! I am fascinated!!

  2. Ashley oktar says:

    Caroline, thank you so much for shooting our special day! The photos are absolutely beautiful!!! I am so happy we found you! Can’t wait to work with you again in the future!!

    Ashley & Eddie

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